Oh, Baby!

When our client reached out to us, she knew she wanted something tasteful, elegant, and timeless for her baby girl! She had me at all three 🙂 The event décor for 18 was to celebrate a rite of passage for the youngest member of her family.

Think pinks of all hues except the super loud ones, paired with gold and cream accents!!! Sounds great! But what do you do when you walk into the venue space when there is a color match-up problem??? Keep calm and call Marcia!

The venue was the swanky Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Beach. The location within – The Burlock Coast Room- is a striking bespoke oceanfront dining experience with a closet full of wines from around the globe. The room is adorned in warm tones, with gold hardware giving off some major Tuscany meets Napa Valley vibes.

My singular thought was a “Tuscany-inspired baby baptism-themed décor.” – It was a win with endless love and appreciation from the family! We brought in chairs, linens, charger plates, flowers, and more flowers to set the scene for this little princess. The final product got every striking soul within walking distance to gasp!

Huge thank you to the family for hiring our team to deliver this precious moment event design for baby Helen! 

Venue & Vendors




Flowers & Decor


Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale – Burlock Coast Room

  1. Myra Salvatore says:

    I had no clue the Ritz had that room on their property. Will be something to look into in the future!

  2. Thanks, Myra! It’s a hidden gem in plain sight 🙂 I myself have been at the property several times, have passed it, and didn’t realise it was there too.

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