Design with a Purpose!

Team Beautiful Kreations passionately thrives by making our events instantly recognisable and our client experience even more memorable! We pride ourselves on being sustainable right down to the tiniest of details. In our packaging when delivering bridal party personal flowers, through large-scale decision-making when choosing our suppliers for product sourcing, you can be certain that sustainability is at the front of our minds. As such, some of our designs include foam-free installations, the re-purposing of some ceremony pieces into the reception space where applicable, and the re-use of tall and some low wedding vessels. Gifting of gently used floral blooms not taken by guests at the end of each celebration is repackaged for delivery to our local hospice or other nonprofit organisation to share in our client’s celebrations. Our clients can confidently dine easily in all our pretty details, knowing that we are doing our part in minimizing our carbon footprint, whether in our home state in Florida or when travelling.

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